Lolita Nikolova

Research Professor
International Institute of Anthropology, USA

Fields of interest: 

Prehistoric cultural anthropology

Eurasian and Mediterranean archaeology

Theory of archaeology and sustainability


Recent publications:

Towards prehistoric wellness in Eurasia: clay and health.
Studii de preistorie  7, 185-187, 2010

Toward theory of accumulation and treasuring of wealth in prehistory (With reference to the Balkans).
In: Manzura, I. (Ed.), Images of Remote Ancestors, 23-33. Stratum plus  2. Kishinev: High Anthropological School University, 2010

Balkan-Anatolian cultural horizons from the fourth millennium BC and their relations to the Baden cultural complex.
In: Furholt, M., Szmyt, M. and Zastawny, A. (Eds.), The Baden complex and the outside world ,  157-166. Bonn: Dr. Rudolph Habelt GmbH., 2008

Toward the development of the Balkan cultural-chronological scheme of the Neolithic and Copper Age.
In: Gergova, D. (Ed.-in-chief),  Phosphorion. Studia in honorem Mariae Čičikova,  48-65,Sofia: Prof. Marin Drinov Academic Publishing House, 2008

Toward evolutionary model of gradual development of social complexity among the Neolithic pottery communities in the Balkans  (Cultural-chronological and cultural-anthropological problems).
In: Spataro, M. and Biagi, P.  (Eds), A short walk through the Balkans. Società per la preistoria e protostoria della regione Fruili-Venezia Guilia. Quaderno 12, 2007

Approach to anthropology of everydayness. Symbols in the prehistoric enculturation process.
In: Nikolova L. , Fritz, J. & Higgins, J. (Eds.), Prehistoric Archaeology & Anthropological Theory and Education. International Institute of Anthropology (pp. 103-106). Salt Lake City & Karlovo. Reports of Prehistoric  Research Projects 6-7 (2005).

The Balkans in Later Prehistory. BAR International Series 793.
Oxford: BAR (1999).