Victor Nistor

Université de Lorraine, France

Responsibilities at Versita:

  • Geometric Analysis,
  • Partial Differential Equations,
  • Numerical Methods,
  • Applications.

Recent Publications:

V. Nistor and E. Troitsky:
An index for gauge-invariant operators and the Diximier-Douady invariant,
Trans. AMS. Vol. 356, (2004), pp185-218 (electronic).

M. Benameur and V. Nistor:
Residues and homology for pseudodifferential operators on foliations,
Math. Scand. Vol. 94,  (2004),pp. 75-108.

C. Bacuta, V. Nistor and L. Zikatanov:
Improving the convergence of `high order finite elements’ on polygons and domains with
Numerische Math. Vol. 100 (2005), pp. 165-184.

I. Babuvska and V. Nistor:
Interior numerical approximation of boundary value problems with a distributional
Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations Vol. 2, (2006), pp.

A. Ammann, A. Ionescu, and V. Nistor: 
Sobolev spaces on Lie manifolds and regularity for polyhedral domains,
Documenta Mathematica Vol. 11, (2006), pp. 161-206 (electronic).

A. Mazzucato and V. Nistor:
Mapping properties of heat kernels, maximal regularity, and semi-linear parabolic equations on noncompact
Journal of Hyperbolic Equations Vol. 3, (2006), pp. 599-631.

B. Ammann, R. Lauter and V. Nistor:
Pseudodifferential operators on manifolds with a Lie structure at infinity,
Annals of Math. Vol. 165, (2007), pp. 717-747.

C. Bacuta, V. Nistor, and L. Zikatanov:
Improving the rate of convergence of `high order finite elements’ on polyhedra II: interpolation and mesh
Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization Vol. 28, (2007), pp.

M. Mitrea and V. Nistor:
Boundary layer potentials on manifolds with cylindrical ends,
Czechoslovak Math. Journal Vol. 57, (2007), pp. 1151—1197.

E. Hunsicker, V. Nistor, and J. Sofo:

Analysis of periodic Schrodinger operators I: regularity and approximation of
J. Math. Phys. Vol. 49, p. 083501 (2008).