Yaoling Niu

Professor of Earth Sciences
Department of Earth Sciences
Durham University, UK
E-mail: yaoling.niu(at)durham.ac.uk
Page: http://www.dur.ac.uk/yaoling.niu/

Fields of interest:

  • igneous, metamorphic, and ore-forming processes; 
  • igneous phase equilibria during mantle melting and magma evolution; 
  • major element, trace element and isotope geochemistry; 
  • quantitative petrology and geochemistry of mantle and mantle-derived
  • mantle melting dynamics and ocean crust formation; 
  • crust-mantle recycling; 
  • structure, composition and origin of lithospheric mantle (continental and oceanic); 
  • processes associated with mid-ocean ridges and subduction zones; seamount genesis; 
  • intra-plate volcanisms; and ophiolites; 
  • petrology and geochemistry of ultra-high pressure metamorphic rocks in zones of continental collision and oceanic lithosphere subduction. 
  • Initiation of subduction zones and global tectonics 


Recent publications:

S.G. Song, L. Su, Y.L. Niu, Y. Lai, L.F. Zhang: 
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Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, Vol. 73, (2009), pp. 1737-1754 

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Earth Sciences Frontiers Vol. 16(2), (2009), pp. 1-20

D.C. Zhu, S.L. Chung, X.X. Mo, Z.D. Zhao, Y.L. Niu, B. Song, Y.H. Yang: 
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Geology Vol. 37(7), (2009), pp. 583-586 

D.C. Zhu, X.X. Mo, Y.L. Niu, Z.D. Zhao, L.Q. Wang, G.T. Pan, F.Y. Wu: 
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Tectonophysics Vol. 469, (2009), pp. 48-60

X.X. Mo, Y.L. Niu, G.C. Dong, Z.D. Zhao, Z.Q. Hou, S. Zhou, S. Ke: 
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Y.L. Niu: 
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J.F. Deng, S.G. Su, Y.L. Niu, C. Liu, G.C. Zhao, S. Zhou, Z.X. Wu:

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