Noémi Kappel Phd

Assistant professor
Department of Vegetable and Mushroom Growing
Corvinus University of Budapest

Fields of interest:

vegetable production technologies, vegetable grafting, vegetable seedlings production, soil mixtures for vegetable production, salinity stress

Recent publications:

Slezák K., Terbe I., Kappel N. and Tóth, K. (2002): Salt tolerance of sweet pepper seedlings. International Journal of Horticultural Science 8(2):62-66.

Kappel N., Zsivánovits G., Slezák K. and Tóth, K. (2003): Research of the elasticity of transplant – growing substrates after watering. International Journal of Horticultural Science 9(1):67-70.

Kappel N. and Slezák K. (2004): Peat substitutes in growing cucumber transplants. International Journal of Horticultural Science 10(1):115-118.

Kappel N. and Terbe I. (2005): Effect of physical properties of horticultural substrates on pepper transplant development. International Journal of Horticultural Science 11(4):75-78.

Hafez, Y.M., Bayoumi, Y.A, Pap Z., Kappel N. (2008): Role of hydrogen peroxide and Pharmaplant-turbo against cucumber powdery mildew fungus under organic and inorganic production. International Journal of Horticultural Science 14(3):39-44.

Bőhm, V., Kappel, N., Balázs, G., Fekete, D. (2012): Using different potessium and magnesium treatments in watermelon production. Review on agriculture and rural development. Scientific Journal of the University of Szeged. 1(1): 72-77.

Orsini, F., R. Sanoubar, G.B. Oztekin, N. Kappel, M. Tepecik, C. Quacquarelli, Y. Tuzel, S. Bona and G. Gianquinto (2013): Improved stomatal regulation and ion partitioning boosts salt tolerance in grafted melon. Funktional Plant Biology. 40(6): 628-636.