Nikodem Tomczak

Research Scientist
Synthesis and Integration
Institute of Materials Research and Engineering (A*STAR), Singapore

Fields of interest

Semiconductor nanocrystals (Quantum Dots)

Surface modification of nanoparticles

Single molecule optics

Scanning probe microscopy

Polymer chemistry and physics

(Bio)template-assisted synthesis of nanoparticles


Recent publications

Li Y, Liu J, Liu B, Tomczak N:
Highly emissive PEG-encapsulated conjugated polymer nanoparticles,
Nanoscale, Vol. 4, (2012), pp. 5694-5702.

de Hoog H-P, Nallani M, Tomczak N:
Self-assembled architectures with multiple aqueous compartments,
Soft Matter, Vol. 8, (2012), pp. 4552-4561.

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Facile synthesis of functionalized amphiphilic polymers as versatile functional coating platform for quantum dots,
Nature Protocols, Vol. 6, (2011), pp. 1546.

Fu Z, Ochsner M, de Hoog HP, Tomczak N, Nallani M:
Multicompartmentalized polymersomes for selective encapsulation of biomacromolecules.
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Tomczak N, Kuan Eng Johnson Goh:
Scanning Probe Microscopy,
World Scientific 2010, Singapore. ISBN: 978-981-4324-76-2.

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