Oliver Boles

PhD Student
Institute of Archaeology
University College London
E-mail: o.boles@ucl.ac.uk
Page: http://Ucl.academia.edu/oliverboles

Fields of interest:

African archaeology, pastoralism, historical ecology, geoarchaeology, isotope analysis

Recent publications:

O. Boles
Understanding herder settlements and their ecological implications: the potential of isotope analysis of cattle tooth enamel,
In: Ventresca Miller, A. & Makarewicz (eds.), Isotopic investigations of pastoral production, London: Maney (forthcoming)

O. Boles & D. Ongwen
Remote Heritage Revisited: archaeology and site management on Lolui Island, Uganda, Antiquity Project Gallery, 2014

O. Boles
The Africanisation of African Archaeology: what are the implications for a “world archaeology” department?
Papers from the Institute of Archaeology, 2014, 24 (1), pp. 23

O. Boles
Review of ‘Humans and the Environment: New Archaeological Perspectives for the 21st Century’Papers from the Institute of Archaeology, 2014, 24 (1), pp. 3