Aral I. Okay

Eurasian Institute of Earth Sciences
Istanbul Technical University

Fields of interest:

  • Regional geology (eastern Mediterranean-Black Sea region), 
  • Metamorphic petrology

Recent publications:

C. Gökçeoğlu, A.I. Okay, E. Sezer:
International earth science literature from Turkey – 1970-2005: trends and possible
Scientometrics, Vol. 74, (2008), pp. 409-423

A.I. Okay, M. Satır, M. Zattin, W. Cavazza, G. Topuz:
An Oligocene ductile strike-slip shear zone: Uludağ Massif, northwest Turkey – implications for the escape tectonics. 
Geological Society of America Bulletin, Vol. 120, (2008), pp. 893–911

A.I. Okay, M. Satır, C.K. Shang:
Ordovician metagranitoid from the Anatolide-Tauride Block, northwest Turkey -geodynamic implications. 
Terra Nova, Vol. 20, (2008), pp. 280–288

A.I. Okay, E. Bozkurt, M. Satır, E. Yiğitbaş, Q.G. Crowley, C.K. Shang:
Defining the southern margin of Avalonia in the Pontides: geochronological data from the Late Proterozoic and Ordovician granitoids from NW
Tectonophysics, Vol. 461, (2008), pp. 252-264

G. Topuz, A.I. Okay, R. Altherr, M. Satir, W.H. Schwarz: 
Late Cretaceous blueschist-facies metamorphism in southeastern Thrace (Turkey) and its geodynamic
Journal of Metamorphic Geology, Vol. 26, (2008), pp. 895–913

A.I. Okay, D. Altıner: 
A condensed Mesozoic section in the Bornova Flysch Zone: A fragment of the Anatolide-Tauride carbonate platform. 
Turkish Journal of Earth Sciences, Vol. 16, (2007), pp. 257-279

A.I. Okay, O. Tüysüz, M. Satır, S. Özkan-Altıner, D. Altıner, S. Sherlock, R.H. Eren: 
Cretaceous and Triassic subduction-accretion, HP/LT metamorphism and continental growth in the Central Pontides, Turkey. 
Geological Society of America Bulletin, Vol. 118, (2006), pp. 1247-1269

G. Topuz, A.I. Okay, R. Altherr, H.P. Meyer, L. Nasdala: 
Partial high-pressure aragonitization of micritic limestones in an accretionary complex, Tavsanli Zone, NW Turkey. 
Journal of Metamorphic Geology, Vol. 24, (2006), pp. 603-613

A.I. Okay, M. Satır, W. Siebel: 
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Geological Society, London, Memoirs Vol. 32, (2006), pp. 389-405

A.I. Okay, M. Satır: 
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Geodinamica Acta, Vol. 19, (2006), pp. 251-266