Norman F. Olson

Professor Emeritus
Department of Food Science
Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research, University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA

Fields of interest: 

Microbial chemistry of dairy foods.  Chemistry, microbiology and technology of cheese.  Physical properties of cheese.


Recent publications:

Kim SY, Gunasekran S, Olson N F:
Combined use of chymosin and protease from Cryphonectria parasitica for control of meltability and firmness of Cheddar cheese.
J. Dairy Sci. (2004), 87:274-283.

Kiely LJ, Olson NF:
The phsiochemical surface characteristics of Lactobacillus casei.
Food Microbiol. (2000), 17:277-291.

EverettDW, Olson NF:
Dynamic rheology of renneted milk gels containing fat globules stabilized with different surfactants.
J. Dairy Sci. (2000), 83:1203-1209.

Olson NF:
Desirable characteristics of lactic acid bacteria for use in the dairy industry.
Proc. Int’l Symp. Strain Development for Bioindustry (1997), pp. 97-103. Seoul, Korea.

Olson NF, Bogenrief DD, Chen CM, Johnson ME:
Impact of lactic acid bacteria on the physical and flavor characteristics of cheddar cheese of different fat contents.
Tecnologia Lactea Latinoamericana (1997), No. 7, pp. 40-44.

Books, chapters:
EverettDW, Ding K, Olson NF, Gunasekaran S:
Applications of confocal microscopy to fat globule structure in cheese.
In: Chemistry of Structure-Function Relationships in Cheese.
Eds. E. L. Malin and M. H. Tunick. Plenum Press, New York (1995)