Dr. Pinaki Acharyya

E-mail: pinakiacharyya@yahoo.co.in

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Recent publications

Malakar,M., Biswas,S. and Acharyya,P. 2015. Diversity analysis of Heliconia species through the use of RAPD marker. Indian Agriculturist, V 58(4):pp: 211-214.

Sasmal., C.K. Mondal.,P.K. Garain and P. Acharyya.2015. Evaluation of sweet potato (Ipomoea batatus (L.) Lam.) germplasm suitable for the coastal agroclimatic situation of Sundarbans, West Bengal. International Journal of Applied and Pure Science and Agriculture.V1(5): 49-57.

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L.Chakraborty.,P.Acharyya and S. Raychaudhuri. 2013.Diversity analysis of Momordica charantia L. accessions from eastern and north-eastern India based on morphological, yield related traits and molecular marker. Proceedings of International symposium on Quality  management of fruits and vegetables for Human  health. KMUTT, August 5-8,2013, Bangkok, Thailand. pp:179-193.

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