Werner Paulus

Professor of Neuropathology
Institute of Neuropathology
University Hospital Münster
E-mail: werner.paulus@uni-muenster.de
Page: http://www.neuropathologie.klinikum.uni-muenster.de/

Fields of interest

  • Molecular and structural pathology of brain tumors
  • Effects of behavioral changes on brain pathology

Recent publications

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Senner V, Ratzinger S, Mertsch S, Grässel S, Paulus W:
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FEBS Lett, 2008, 582, 3293-3300

Oellers P, Schröer U, Senner V, Paulus W, Thanos S:
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Ambrée O, Richter H, Sachser N, Lewejohann L, Dere E, de Souza Silva MA, Herring A, Keyvani K, Paulus W, Schäbitz WR:
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