Nikolaos K. Pavlis

Project Scientist
Geodesy and Geophysics Division
National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), USA

Fields of interest

  • High resolution global and regional gravity field determination

Recent publications

N.K. Pavlis, S.A. Holmes, S.C. Kenyon, D. Schmidt and R. Trimmer:

A preliminary gravitational model to degree 2160,
In: Gravity, Geoid and Space Missions, C. Jekeli, L. Bastos, J. Fernandes (Eds.), IAG Symposia, 129, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany (2005).

J. Saleh and N.K. Pavlis:
The development and evaluation of the global digital terrain model TM2002,
Gravity and Geoid 2002, Proc. of the 3rd Meeting of the IGGC, Tziavos, In. (Ed.), Ziti, Thessaloniki, Greece (2003).

F.G. Lemoine, N.K. Pavlis, S.C. Kenyon, R.H. Rapp, E.C. Pavlis and B.F. Chao:
New high-resolution model developed for Earth’s gravitational field,
EOS, 79, (1998).

N.K. Pavlis, J.C. Chan and F. Lerch:
Alternative estimation techniques for global high-degree gravitymodeling,
In: Global Gravity Field and Its Temporal Variations, R.H. Rapp, A.A. Cazenave, R.S. Nerem(Eds.), IAG Symposia, 116, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany (1996).

B. Sanchez and N. K. Pavlis:
Estimation of main tidal constituents from TOPEX altimetry using a Proudman function expansion,
Journal of Geophyical Research (Oceans), 100, C12, doi:10.1029/95JC02082 (1995).

N.K. Pavlis and R.H. Rapp:
The development of an isostatic gravitational model to degree 360 and its use in global gravity modelling,
Geophysical Journal International, 100, 369-378 (1990).

R.H. Rapp and N.K. Pavlis:
The development and analysis of geopotential coefficient models to spherical harmonic degree 360,
Journal of Geophyical Research (Solid Earth), 95, B13, doi:10.1029/JB095iB13 (1990).

R.H. Rapp and N.K. Pavlis:
The combination of satellite and topographic/isostatic potential models for mean anomaly determinations,
In: Festschrift to Torben Krarup, Copenhagen, Denmark, Geodaetisk Institut (Meddelelse, No. 58), 271-277 (1989).