George Paxinos

Professor, PhD
Neuroscience Research Australia


Fields of interest:

The organisation of the human hypothalamus, the development of the mouse brain, and homologies between the human and other primates


Recent publications:

Giazitzoglou E., Korovesis S., Kokladi M., Venetsanakos I., Paxinos G., Katritsis D. G.:
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Katritsis D. G., Giazitzoglou E., Paxinos G.:
Use of a circular mapping and ablation catheter for ablation of atypical right ventricular outflow tract arrhythmia

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Fu Y., Tvrdik P., Makki N., Palombi O., Machold R., Paxinos G., Watson C.:

The precerebellar linear nucleus in the mouse defined by connections, immunohistochemistry, and gene expression

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Katritsis D., Giazitzoglou E., Sougiannis D., Goumas N., Paxinos G., Camm A. J.:
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Three-dimensional analysis of the left anterior descending coronary artery: comparison with conventional coronary angiograms

Coron. Artery Dis. 2008; 19(4): 265-270.


Katritsis D., Ellenbogen K. A., Giazitzoglou E., Sougiannis D., Paxinos G., Fragakis N., Camm A. J.:

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Comparative analysis of the frequency and distribution of stem and progenitor cells in the adult mouse brain

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Schwarz A. J., Danckaert A., Reese T., Gozzi A., Paxinos G., Watson C., Merlo-Pich E. V., Bifone A.:

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