Ernst Pernicka

Fields of interest: 

Archaeometry, archaeometallurgy and archaeological materials


Recent publications:

Haustein, M., C. Gillis, and E. Pernicka. 2010: 
Tin isotopy – a new method for solving old questions.
Archaeometry 52, (5): 816-832.

Radivojević, M., T. Rehren, E. Pernicka, D. Šljivar, M. Brauns, and D. Borić. 2010:
On the origins of extractive metallurgy: New evidence from Europe.
Journal of Archaeological Science 37, (11): 2775-2787.

Kovacs, R., S. Schlosser, S. P. Staub, A. Schmiderer, E. Pernicka, and D. Günther. 2009:
Characterization of calibration materials for trace element analysis and fingerprint studies of gold using LA-ICP-MS.
Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 24, (4): 476-483.

Rehren, T. H., and E. Pernicka. 2008: 
Coins, artefacts and isotopes-archaeometallurgy and archaeometry.
Archaeometry 50, (2): 232-248.