Nick Petford

Pro Vice-Chancellor Research and Enterprise
Conservation Science
Bournemouth University

Fields of interest:

  • Igneous petrology, 
  • Fluid dynamics, 
  • Planetary geology, 
  • Volcanology, 

Recent publications:

N. Petford, M. A. Koenders, S. Turner: 
Channelized melt flow in downwelling mantle: Implications for 226Ra-210Pb disequilibria in arc magmas, 
J. Geophys. Res., Vol. 113, B11202, (2008)

M. Davis, M.A. Koenders, N. Petford: 
Vibro-agitation of chambered magma, 
J. Volcano. Geothermal. Research, Vol. 167, (2007), pp. 24-36

N. Petford, T. Rushmer, D. Yuen:
Deformation-induced instabilities at the core-mantle boundary, in Post Perovskite: the Last Mantle Phase Transition, 
Geophysical Monograph Series Vol. 174, American Geophysical Union, (2007), pp. 271-287

T. Rushmer, N. Petford, M. Humayan, A. Campbell: 
Shear-induced segregation of Fe liquid in planetesimals: coupling core forming compositions with transport phenomena, 
Earth & Planetary Science Letters Vol. 239, (2005), pp. 185-202

N. Petford, D. Yuen, T. Rushmer, J. Bordholt, S. Stackhouse:
Shear-induced material transfer across the core-mantle boundary aided by the post-perovskite phase transition. 
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M. Thomas, N. Petford, E.N. Bromhead: 
The role of internal fluid pressurisation in promoting volcanic edifice
Terra Nova, Vol. 16, (2004), pp. 312-317

N. Petford, M.A. Koenders: 
Shear-induced pressure changes and seepage phenomena in a deforming porous
I. Geophys. J. International. Vol. 155, (2003), pp. 857-869

N. Petford: 
Rheology of granitic magmas during ascent and emplacement.
Annu. Rev. Earth. Planet. Sci, Vol. 31, (2003), pp. 399-427

N. Petford, A.R. Cruden, K.J.W. McCaffrey, J.L. Vigneresse: 
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Nature, Vol. 408, (2000), pp. 669-673