Perry Gilmore

Teaching, Learning & Sociocultural Studies
The University of Arizona

Fields of interest:

Sociolinguistics, ethnography, anthropology, communication

Recent Publications:

P. Gilmore, L. Wyman,
An Ethnographic Long Look: Language and Literacy Over Time and Space in Alaska Native Communities.
International Handbook of Research on Children’s Literacy, Learning and Culture. Kathy Hall, Teresa Cremin, Barbara Comber and Luis Moll (Eds.) Wiley-Blackwell 2013.

P. Gilmore,
We Call It “Our Language”: A Children’s Pidgin Transforms Social and Symbolic Order on a Remote Hillside in Up-Country Kenya.
Anthropology and Education Quarterly (4/2011), pp. 370-392.

P. Gilmore,
Engagement on the backroads: Insights for anthropology and education.
Anthropology and Education Quarterly 39 (2/ 2008), pp. 109-116.

P. Gilmore, R. McDermott,
“And this is how you shall ask”: Linguistics, anthropology and education in the life of David Smith.
Anthropology and Education Quarterly 37 (2/2006), pp. 199-211.

P. Gilmore, D. M. Smith,
Seizing academic power: Indigenous subaltern voices and counter narratives in higher education.
Language, Literacy, and Power in Schooling. T. McCarty (Ed.). Lawrence Erlbaum 2005 , pp. 67-88.

P. Gilmore, D. M. Smith, A. L. Kairaiuak,
Resisting diversity: An Alaskan case of institutional struggle.
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P. Gilmore, D. M. Smith,
Identity, resistance and resilience: Counter narratives and subaltern voices in Alaskan higher education.
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P. Gilmore,
Methodological challenges of critical ethnography: Insights from collaborations on an Indigenous counter narrative.
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