Miroslav Pinak

Group Leader
Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate
Japan Atomic Energy Agency
E-mail: miroslav.pinak@jaea.go.jp

Fields of interest:

  • Computational physics & chemistry
  • Radiation effects on human
  • Radiation risk, radioprotection, radiation dosimetry


Recent publications:

M. Pinak:
Enzymatic recognition of radiation produced oxidative DNA lesion. Molecular dynamics approach,
In: “Modern methods for theoretical physical chemistry of biopolymers” (ed. Starikow, Tanaka, Lewis), Elsevier 2006. (Book Chapter)

J. Bunta, M. Dahlberg, L. Eriksson, N. Korolev, A. Laaksonen, R. Lohikoshi,
A. Lyubartsev, M. Pinak, P. Schyman
Solvating, manipulating, damaging and repairing DNA in a computer,
J. Quant. Chem., (2006), in press

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H. Fujimoto, M. Pinak, T. Nemoto, P. O’Neill, E. Kume, H. Maekawa, K. Saito:
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M. Pinak:
Impact of Radiation DNA Damage Determined by Computational Simulation,
Jpn. J. Health Phys., Vol. 39, No 1, (2004), pp. 35-41. (Review)

H. Fujimoto, H., M. Pinak, T. Nemoto, K. Sakamoto, K. Yamada, Y. Hoshi, E. Kume:
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M. Pinak:
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M. Pinak:
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