Richard E. Plant

Professor Emeritus
Plant Sciences and Biological and Agricultural Engineering
University of California, Davis

Fields of interest: 

Spatial statistics, recision agriculture, landscape ecology, GIS, remote sensing


Recent publications:

Roel, A. and R.E. Plant: 
Factors Underlying Yield Variability in Two California Rice Fields.
Agronomy Journal 96:1481-1494 (2004)

Horney, R.D., B. Taylor, B., D.S. Munk, B.A. Roberts, S.M. Lesch, and R.E.: 
Plant. Development of Practical Site-Specific Management Methods for Reclaiming Salt-Affected Soil.
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Roel, A., R.G. Mutters, J.W. Eckert, and R.E.:
Plant. Effect of Low Water Temperature on Rice Yield in California.
Agronomy Journal 97: 943-948 (2005)

Plant, R.E.: 
Comparison of Means of Spatial Data in Unreplicated Field Trials.
Agronomy Journal 99: 481-488 (2007).

Greco, S.E., A.K. Fremier, E.W. Larsen, and R.E. Plant: 
A tool for tracking floodplain age land surface patterns on a large meandering river with applications for ecological planning and restoration design.
Landscape and Urban Planning 81: 354-373 (2007).

Roel, A., H. Firpo and R.E. Plant: 
Why Do Some Farmers Get Higher Yields? Multivariate Analysis of a Group of Uruguayan Rice Farmers.
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 58: 78-92 (2007).

Rosenstock, T. S.; Rosa, U. A.; Plant, R. E., and Brown, P. H.: 
A reevaluation of alternate bearing in pistachio.
Scientia Horticulturae. 124:149-152 (2010).

Hauselt, M.M. and Plant, R.E.: 
Spatial modeling of water use in California rice production.
Professional Geographer. 62:462-477 (2010)

Peña-Barragan, J.M,  Ngugi, M.K, Plant, R.E, and Six, J.:  
Object-based crop identification using multiple vegetation indices, textural features and crop phenology.
Remote Sensing of Environment 115:1301-1316 (2011)

Plant, R.E. (2012): 
Spatial Data Analysis in Ecology and Agriculture Using R.
CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL