Dušan Plašienka

Professor of Geology
Department of Geology and Palaeontology
Faculty of Natural Sciences, Comenius University of Bratislava, Slovakia
E-mail: plasienka@fns.uniba.sk
Page: http://geopaleo.fns.uniba.sk/

Fields of interest:

  • Western Carpathians,
  • Regional geology,
  • Tectonics,
  • Structural geology

Recent publications:

N. Froitzheim, D. Plašienka, R. Schuster:
Alpine tectonics of the Alps and Western Carpathians. In McCann T. (ed.): The
Geology of Central Europe. Volume 2: Mesozoic and Cenozoic.
Geological Society Publishing House, London, (2008), pp. 1141–1232

D. Plašienka, I. Broska, D. Kissová, I. Dunkl:
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Carpathians): constraints for the Early Alpine exhumation history.
Journal of Geosciences, 52, (2007), pp. 101–110

I. Hrušecký, D. Plašienka, L. Pospíšil:
Identification of the North-European Platform below the eastern part of the West
Carpathian Flysch Belt. In Golonka J. & Pícha F.J. (eds.): The Carpathians
and their foreland: Geology and hydrocarbon resources.
Amer. Assoc. Petrol. Geol. Memoir, 84, Chapter 25, (2006), pp. 717–728

D. Kissová, I. Dunkl, D. Plašienka, W. Frisch, R. Marschalko:
The Pieninic exotic cordillera (Andrusov Ridge) revisited: new zircon FT ages of
granite pebbles from Cretaceous conglomerates of the Pieniny Klippen Belt
(Western Carpathians, Slovakia).
Slovak Geological Magazine, 11, (2005), pp. 17–28

M. Bielik, J. Šefara, M. Kováč, V. Bezák, D. Plašienka:
The Western Carpathians – interaction of Hercynian and Alpine processes.
Tectonophysics, 393, (2004), pp. 63–86

R. Milovský, V. Hurai, D. Plašienka, A. Biroň:
Hydrotectonic regime at soles of overthrust sheets: textural and fluid inclusion
evidence from basal cataclasites of the Muráň nappe (Western Carpathians,
Geodinamica Acta, 16, (2003), pp. 1–20

D. Plašienka:
Development of basement-involved fold and thrust structures exemplified by the
Tatric–Fatric–Veporic nappe system of the Western Carpathians (Slovakia).
Geodinamica Acta, 16, (2003), pp. 21–38

B. Lupták, M. Janák, D. Plašienka, S.Th. Schmidt:
Alpine low-grade metamorphism of the Permian – Triassic sedimentary rocks from
the Veporic superunit, Western Carpathians: phyllosilicate composition and „crystallinity“
Geologica Carpathica, 54, (2003), pp. 367−375

D. Plašienka:
Dynamics of Mesozoic pre-orogenic rifting in the Western Carpathians.
Mitteilungen der Österreichischen Geologischen Gesellschaft, 93, (2003),
pp. 79–98

M. Janák, D. Plašienka, M. Frey, M. Cosca, S.Th. Schmidt, B. Lupták, Š. Méres:
Cretaceous evolution of a metamorphic core complex, the Veporic unit, Western
Carpathians (Slovakia): P-T conditions and in situ 40Ar/ 39Ar UV laser probe
dating of metapelites.
Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 19, (2001), pp. 197–216