Peter Morgan

Director, Aquamor Pvt Ltd. Zimbabwe (since 1993)
Formerly Medical Research Officer, Blair Research Laboratory, Ministry of Health. Government of Zimbabwe. Retired 1990.

Fields of interest:

Public Health, rural water supplies, hygiene and sanitation

Recent Publications:

An economical shower unit.2015

Beneficial Partnerships in rural water supply and sanitation. Aquatic Procedia. 2014

Blair VIP construction. Overcoming collapse and reducing cost.2015

Capacity Development in Ecological Sanitation in Chisungu School .Zimbabwe. Sustainable sanitation Practice. 2014

Drilling a tube well and fitting a bailer-bucket water lifting device.2014

Rainwater harvesting in the homestead.2015

Ring beam gardens.2015

Simple method of measuring water depth in wells and boreholes.2015

Teaching Ecological Sanitation in Schools.SuSana.2014 (a book of the same name has been written)

The Bottom Line. Nature. 2012. (short article)

Upgraded Family Well Report.2012

Using Natural Principles in toilet design. Power Point 2013

Water Saving shower unit and aromatherapy.2015

Zimbabwe Bush Pump. Recent Developments.2015