Piergiuseppe Morone

Professor of Economic Policy
Department of Law and Economics
Unitelma Sapienza – University of Rome, Italy
E-mail: Piergiuseppe.morone@unitelma.it
Page: http://www.pgmorone.eu

Fields of interest:

Environmental economics; Sustainability transitions; Knowledge economics; Economics of innovation; Evolutionary economics; Development economics.

Recent publications:

‘New consumption and production models for a circular economy’, (with R. Navia) Waste Management & Research, 2016: 34(6) 489–490.

‘The Times They Are A-Changing – Making the transition towards a sustainable economy’, invited perspective article, Biofuels, Bioproducts & Biorefining, 2016: 10(4) 369–377.

‘The focal point in the Traveller’s Dilemma: An Experimental Study’, (with A. Morone) Bulletin of Economic Research, Article in press, 2016.

‘Tackling Uncertainty through Business Plan Analysis – A case study on citrus waste valorisation in the South of Italy’ (with V.E. Tartiu and A. Ferrari), Agriculture, 6(1), 5; DOI:10.3390/agriculture6010005, 2016.

‘Unpacking Landscape Pressures on Socio-Technical Regimes: Insights from the urban waste management system’ (with A. Lopolito et al.), Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions, Article in press, 2015.

‘Investigating the drivers of innovation diffusion in a low income country context. The case of Adoption of Improved Maize Seed in Malawi’ (with S. Derwisch et al.), Futures, Article in press, 2015.

‘Assessing the Economic Profitability of Fodder Legume Production for Green Biorefineries – A cost-benefit analysis to assess farmers profitability’ (with F. Papendiek, V.E. Tartiu, J. Venus and A. Hönig), Journal of Cleaner Production, Article in press, 2015.

‘Innovation and Exporting: Does quality matter?’ (with C. Imbriani and F. Renna), International Trade Journal, 29(4): 273-290; DOI: 10.1080/08853908.2015.1053631, 2015.

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