Stefan Pollmann

Prof. of Experimental Psychology
Psychology II
Otto-von-Guericke University

Fields of interest: 

cognitive neuroscience of visual attention, visual learning and executive functions


Recent publications:

Daniel, R. & Pollmann, S. (2012):
Striatal activations signal prediction errors on confidence in the absence of external feedback.
NeuroImage, 59, 3457-3467.

Daniel, R. & Pollmann, S. (2010): 
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Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, 22, 1399-1424.

Hanke, M., Halchenko, Y.O., Sederberg, P.B., Hanson, S.J., Haxby, J.V. & Pollmann, S. (2009): 
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Illusory contours do not pass through the blind spot.
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Pollmann, S., Mahn, K., Reimann, B., Weidner, R., Tittgemeyer, M., Preul, C., Müller, H.J., & von Cramon, D.Y. (2007):
Selective visual dimension weighting deficit after left lateral frontopolar lesions.
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