Warren Porter

Department of Zoology
University of Wisconsin-Madison
E-mail: wpporter@wisc.edu
Page: http://www.zoology.wisc.edu/faculty/Por/Por.html

Fields of interest: 

To understand:

  • how spatially explicit climate, topography, and vegetation interact with ectotherm and endotherm morphology, physiology, behavior and disease.
  • how low level contaminant/pesticide mixtures affect potential for survival, growth, reproduction and how that affects population dynamics, community structure and food web structure in time and space.
  • how low-level contaminant/pesticide mixtures at environmentally relevant concentrations affect/alter developmental processes, neurological function (learning abilities and aggression levels), immune function, and endocrine function.
  • the process of infection and the biochemical responses to bacterial and viral infections. 


Recent publications:

Kearney, M, W.P. Porter, C. Williams, S. Ritchie and A.A. Hoffmann. 2009: 
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Functional Ecology. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2435.2008.01538.x

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The potential for behavioral thermoregulation to buffer ‘‘cold-blooded’’ animals against climate warming. 
PNAS. 106(10): 3835-3840.

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Long-term sex selective hormonal and behavior alterations in mice exposed to low doses of chlorpyrifos in utero.
Reprod Toxicol (2009), doi:10.1016/j.reprotox.2009.10.008

Porter, W.P. and M.R. Kearney. 2009: 
Size, shape and the thermal niche of endotherms.
PNAS 106 (Suppl. 2) 19666–19672.

Butz, DE, ME Cook, HR. Eghbalnia,  FM Assadi-Porter, and WP Porter. 2009:
Changes in the natural abundance of 13CO2/12CO2 in breath due to lipopolysacchride-induced acute phase response. Rapid Comm.
Mass Spectrometry 23: 3729–3735.

Bartelt, P. R. Klaver and W.P. Porter. 2010: 
Modeling amphibian energetics, habitat suitability, and movements of western toads (Anaxyrus boreas) across present and future landscapes.
Ecol. Modelling 221(22): 2675–2686.

Porter, W.P., S. Ostrowski and J.B. Williams. 2010: 
Modeling Animal Landscapes.
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