Jacques Pouyssegur

Emeritus CNRS Research Director
Institute of Research on Cancer and Aging (IRCAN)
University of Nice, France
E-mail: pouysseg@unice.fr

Fields of interest: 

Control of cell division – pH control Mechanisms – Hypoxia signaling and nutrient sensing – Tumor microenvironment – Metabolism and Cancer. 


Recent publications:

Parks S, Chiche J, Pouysségur, J
Disrupting Proton Dynamics and metabolism for novel cancer therapy
Nature Reviews Cancer, 2012, (invited).

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Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci (USA).2011, 108, 16663-8.

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Cancer Res. (2009) 69, 358-368.

Kroemer, G. and Pouysségur, J
Tumor cell metabolism; cancer’s Achilles heel.
Cancer Cell 13, 2008, 472-82. 

Ginouvès A, Ilc K, Macías N, Pouysségur J, Berra E.
PHDs overactivation during chronic hypoxia “desensitizes” HIFalpha and protects cells from necrosis
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