Pascal Querner

Department of Integrated Biology and Biodiversity Research
Institute of Zoology
University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences

Fields of interest:

Soil ecology, Soil Zoology

Integrated Pest Management

Organic farming and soil animals

Recent publications:

M. Anjum-Zubair, M.H. Schmidt-Entling, P. Querner & T. Frank (2010) Influence of within-field position and adjoining habitat on carabid beetle assemblages in winter wheat. Agricultural and Forest Entomology 12(3). 301-306.

Querner, P. & Bruckner, A. (2010) Combining pitfall traps and soil cores to collect Collembola for site scale biodiversity assessments. Applied Soil Ecology 45(3). 293-297.

Querner, P., Bruckner, A., Weigand, E. & Prötsch, M. (2010) Short- and long-term effects of fire on the Collembola communities of a sub-alpine dwarf-pine ecosystem in the Austrian Alps. eco.mont – Journal of protected mountain areas research 2(2). 29-36.

Querner, P., Simon, S., Morelli, M. & Fürnkranz, S. (2013) Results from the insect pest monitoring 2010 and implementing an Integrated Pest Management concept in two large Museum collections in Berlin and Vienna. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 84, 275-280.

Querner, P., Bruckner, A., Drapela, T. & Moser, D. (2013) Effects of site and landscape parameters on Collembola diversity in 29 winter oilseed rape fields. Agriculture, Ecosystem and Environment 164, 145–154.

Zulka et al. Querner, P. (2014) Species richness in dry grassland patches of eastern Austria: A multi-taxon study on the role of local, landscape and habitat quality variables. Agriculture, Ecosystem and Environment 182. 25-36.

Querner, P. (2014) Linking webbing clothes moths to infested object or other food source in museums. Studies in Conservation. In print

Brimblecombe, P., Querner, P. (2014) Webbing clothes moth catch and the management of heritage environments. International Biodeterioration & Biodegradation 96. 50-57.

Rossetti I., Bagella S, Cappai C., Caria M.C., Lai R., Roggero P.P., Martins da Silva P., Sousa J.P., Querner P., Seddaiu G. (2015) Influence of isolated cork oak trees on soil features, plant and collembolan assemblages in a Mediterranean wooded grassland. Agriculture, Ecosystem and Environment 202. 203-216.