Arkadiusz Ptak

Assistant Professor
Institute of Physics
Poznan University of Technology

Fields of interest:

  • Nanoscale physics
  • Scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy

Recent selected publications:

H. Gojzewski, M. Kappl, G. Kircher, W. Koczorowski, H.-J. Butt, A. Ptak,
Nanoadhesion on rigid methyl-terminated biphenyl thiol monolayer. High rate dynamic force spectroscopy study,
ChemPhysChem 14: 543-549, 2013;

H-J. Butt, M. Makowski, M. Kappl, A. Ptak,
On the adhesion between individual particles,
KONA Powder and Particle Journal 29: 53-66, 2011;

A. Ptak, H. Gojżewski, M. Kappl, H.-J. Butt,
Influence of humidity on the nanoadhesion between a hydrophobic and a hydrophilic surface,
Chemical Physics Letters 503: 66-70, 2011;

A. Ptak, H. Gojżewski, M. Kappl, H.-J. Butt,
Quantitative Analysis of Interaction between an Atomic Force Microscopy Tip and a Hydrophobic Monolayer,
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 114: 21572–21578, 2010;

A. Ptak, M. Makowski, M. Cichomski,
Characterization of Nanoscale Adhesion between a Fluoroalkyl Silane Monolayer and a Silicon AFM tip. Complex character of the interaction potential,
Chemical Physics Letters 489: 54-58, 2010;

H. Gojzewski, M. Kappl, A. Ptak, H.-J. Butt,
Effect of humidity on nanoscale adhesion on self-assembled thiol monolayers studied by dynamic force spectroscopy,
Langmuir 26(3): 1837-1847, 2010;

A. Ptak, M. Kappl, S. Moreno-Flores, H. Gojzewski, H.-J. Butt,
Quantitative characterization of nanoadhesion by dynamic force spectroscopy,
Langmuir 25 (1): 256–261, 2009;

A. Ptak, M. Kappl, H.-J. Butt,
Modified atomic force microscope for high-rate dynamic force spectroscopy,
Applied Physics Letters 88: 263109-263111, 2006;

M. Kageshima, S. Takeda, A. Ptak, C. Nakamura, S. P. Jarvis, H. Tokumoto, J. Miyake,
Measurement of intramolecular energy dissipation and stiffness of a single peptide molecule by magnetically modulated atomic force microscopy,
Japanese Journal of Applied Physics 43 (12A): L1510-L1513, 2004;

D. Frackowiak, A. Ptak, Z. Gryczynski, I. Gryczynski, P. Targowski, B. Zelent,
Fluorescence polarization studies of B-phycoerythrin oriented in polymer film,
Photochemistry and Photobiology 79(1): 11-20, 2004;