Professor Dr. Prakash C Tiwari

Kumaun University, Nainital 263001 Uttarakhand, India

Fields of interest:

natural resource management, climate change adaptation, livelihood & food security, natural risk reduction, land use change, high mountain urbanization

Recent publications:

Aase T.H., Chapagain  P.S., Tiwari P.C.:
Innovation as an Expression of Adaptive Capacity to Change in Himalayan Farming.
Mountain Research and Development, Mountain Research and Development 2013, 33: 4-10.

Tiwari P.C., Joshi B.H.:
Changing Monsoon Pattern and its Impact on Water Resources in Himalaya: Responses and Adaptation.
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Tiwari P.C., Joshi B.H.:
Natural & Socio-economic Drivers of Food Security in Himalaya.
International Journal of Food Security 2012, 4: 195-207.

Tiwari P.C., Joshi B.H.:
Environmental changes and sustainable development of water resources in the Himalayan headwaters of India.
International Journal of Water Resource Management 2012, 26: 883-907.

Tiwari P.C.:
Land use changes in Himalaya and their impacts on environment, society and economy: A study of the Lake Region in Kumaon Himalaya, India.
Advances in Atmospheric Sciences 2008, 25: 1029-1042.