Petras Rimantas Venskutonis

Department of Food Science and Technology
Kaunas University of Technology

Fields of interest:

Functional foods, Nutraceuticals, Plant antioxidants, Essential oils, Polyphenolics, Supercritical fluid extraction, Aromatic and medicinal plants

Recent publications:

J. Damašius, P.R. Venskutonis, R. Ferracane, V. Fogliano (2011). Assessment of the influence of some spice extracts on the formation of heterocyclic amines in meat. Food Chemistry, 126, 149-156.

A. Pukalskas, P.R. Venskutonis, S. Salido, P. de Waard, T. A. van Beek (2012). Isolation, identification and activity of natural antioxidants from horehound (Marrubium vulgare L.) cultivated in Lithuania. Food Chemistry, 130, 695–701.

R. Bobinaitė, P. Viškelis, P.R. Venskutonis (2012). Variation of total phenolics, anthocyanins, ellagic acid and radical scavenging capacity in various raspberry (Rubus spp.) cultivars. Food Chemistry, 132, 1495–1501.

P. Kraujalis, R. Venskutonis (2013). Optimisation of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of amaranth seeds by response surface methodology and characterization of extracts isolated from different plant cultivars. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids 73, 80–86.

P. Kraujalis, P.R. Venskutonis (2013). Supercritical carbon dioxide extraction of squalene and tocopherols from amaranth and assessment of extracts antioxidant activity. The Journal of Supercritical Fluids. 80, 78-85.

R. Baranauksienė, P.R. Venskutonis, E. Dambrauskienė, P. Viškelis, (2013). Harvesting time influences the yield and oil composition of Origanum vulgare L. ssp. vulgare and ssp. hirtum. Industrial Crops and Products, 49, 43-51.

P.R. Venskutonis and P. Kraujalis (2013). Nutritional components of amaranth seeds and vegetables: A review on composition, properties, and uses. Comprehensive Reviews in Food Science and Food Safety, 12, 381-412.

V. Kraujalytė, P. R. Venskutonis, A. Pukalskas, L. Česonienė, R. Daubaras (2013). Antioxidant properties and polyphenolics composition of fruits from different European cranberrybush (Viburnum opulus L.) genotypes. Food Chemistry, 141, 3695–3702.

P. Kraujalis, P.R. Venskutonis, A. Pukalskas, R. Kazernavičiūtė (2013). Accelerated solvent extraction of lipids from Amaranthus spp. seeds and characterization of their composition. LWT – Food Science and Technology, 54, 528-534.

I. Šliumpaitė, P.R. Venskutonis, M. Murkovic, A. Pukalskas (2013). Antioxidant properties and phenolics composition of common hedge hyssop (Gratiola officinalis L.) Journal of Functional Foods, 5, 1927–1937.