Olivier Raineteau

Junior Group Leader
Brain Research institute
University of Zurich, ETHZ
E-mail: raineteau@hifo.uzh.ch
Page: http://hifo.uzh.ch/research/neuromorphology/raineteau.html

Fields of interest

  • Unsderstanding the transcriptional control of cellular proliferation and differentiation in the postnatal and adult CNS.
  • Promoting cellular replacement and tissue repair following CNS injuries.

Recent publications

Fernandez M.E. & Raineteau O:
Excitement keeps your brain cells alive.
Frontiers in Neurogenesis 2010, 24;4:46.

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You are what you express: glutamatergic neurogenesis in the adult SVZ.
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Nature Neurosciences, 2009, 12(12):1524-33.

Geoffroy C.G., Critchley J.A., Helps E.M., Descombes P., Guillemot F. & Raineteau O.:
Co-expression of proneural genes with the E protein E47 protects proneural proteins from negative regulation by environmental cues.
Stem Cells, 2009, 27(4):847-56.

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Geoffroy C. & Raineteau O.:
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Joannides A., Fioré-Heriché C., Battersby., Raineteau O., Athauda-Arachchi P., Bouhon I., Compston A., Allen N & Chandran S. :
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