Ramon Gonzalez

Research and Process Technology
J. Rettenmaier USA
E-mail: rgonzalez@jrsusa.com

Fields of interest:

Dietary Fibers, Food Chemistry, Carbohydrate Chemistry, Lipid Extraction, Biopolymers in Food Science

Recent publications (selected):

“Controlled Production of Isotactic Polypropylene with Unsaturated End Groups Using Parallel Reaction Techniques”, Focante F., Gonzalez-Ruiz R.A., Coughlin E.B., Polymeric Materials: Science and Engineering Preprints, 2003, 89, 553-554

“Isotactic poly(propylene) crystallization: Role of small fractions of high or low molecular weight polymer”, Elmoumni A., Gonzalez-Ruiz R.A., Coughlin E.B., Winter H.H. Macromolecular Chemistry And Physics, 2005, 206, 125-134

“Kinetic modeling of slurry propylene polymerization using rac-Et(Ind)2ZrCl2/MAO”, Gonzalez-Ruiz R.A., Quevedo-Sanchez B., Laurence, R.L., Coughlin, E.B., and Henson M, AIChE J, 2006, 52, (5), 1824-1835.

“Rice hull fiber: Food applications, physiological benefits, and safety”, Podolske, J., Cho, S., Gonzalez, R., Lee, A.W., Peterson C., Cereal Foods World,  2013, 58, 127-131