Rona Ramsay

Reader in Biochemistry
Biomolecular Sciences Building
University of St Andrews, Fife, UK

Fields of interest:

Molecular enzymology (particularly membrane bound mitochondrial enzymes MAO A, MAO B and carnitine acyltransferases)


Recent publications:

Ramsay RR, Olivieri A, Holt A.:
An improved approach to steady-state analysis of monoamine oxidases.
J Neural Transm., 2011, 118: 2164-3793.

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Lühr S, Vilches-Herrera M, Fierro A, Ramsay RR, Edmondson DE, Reyes-Parada M, Cassels BK, Iturriaga-Vásquez P.:
2-Arylthiomorpholine derivatives as potent and selective monoamine oxidase B inhibitors.
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Kay CW, El Mkami H, Molla G, Pollegioni L, Ramsay RR.:
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Jones TZ, Giurato L, Guccione S, Ramsay RR.:
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