Assaf Razin

Department of Economics
Cornell and Tel-Aviv Universities

Fields of interest: 

Financial Crisis, Political economy


Recent publications:


Assaf Razin Efraim Sadka and Benjarung Suwankiri:
Migration and the Welfare State Political-Economy Policy Formation,
Cloth / September 2011, MIT Press.

Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka:
Foreign Direct Investment: Analysis of Aggregate Flows,
Princeton University Press, 2007.

Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka in Cooperation with Chang Woon Nam: 
The Decline of The Welfare State: Demography and Globalization,
MIT Press 2004 

Robin Brooks (Editor), Assaf Razin (Editor):
Social Security Reform : Financial and Political Issues in International Perspective,
Cambridge University Press 2006.

Assaf Razin and Efraim Sadka:
Labor, Capital and Finance: International Flows,
Cambridge University Press 2002.

Other papers

Itay Goldstein and Assaf Razin: 
An information-based trade off between foreign direct investment and foreign portfolio investment,
Journal Of International Economics,Volume 7, Issue 1, September 2006, pp. 271-295.

Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka and Hui Tong:
Bilateral FDI Flows: Threshold Barriers and Productivity Shocks,
CESifo Economic Studies, 2008,Volume 54, Number 3.

Assaf Razin  and Efraim Sadka:
The Role of Information in Driving FDI Flows: Host-Country Tranparency and Source Country Specialization,
European Economic Review, 2007.

Assaf Razin, Efraim Sadka, and Phillip Swagel:
Capital Income Taxation under Majority Voting with Aging Population, Review of World Economics ,
Weltwirtschftliches Archiv), Volume 140, Number 3, 2004, pp. 1-20.