Vidmantas Remeikis

(1)Director, Head of Nuclear and Environmental Radioactivity Research Laboratory (2)Professor
(2)Department of General Physics and Spectroscopy
(1) Institute of Physics (2)Vilnius University

Fields of interest:

  • Reactor physics
  • Environmental physics
  • Applied nuclear spectroscopy


Recent publications:

V. Remeikis and A. Jurkevicius:
Evolution of the neutron sensor characteristics in the RBMK-1500 reactor neutron flux
Nuclear Engineering and Design, vol. 231, (2004), pp. 271-282.

L. Juodis, V. Remeikis and K. Makariunas:
The experimental evaluation of decay rate variations of 57Co by the Dl/l method
Hyperfine Interactions, Vol. 142, (2002), pp. 653-659.

L. Juodis, A. Plukis, V. Remeikis and K. Makariunas:
Genetic algorithm in radioactive decay rate variations analysis
Europhysics Letters, vol. 53(3), (2001), pp. 283-289.

V. Remeikis, K. Makariunas, A. Dragunas, R. Davidonis and R.L. Kalinauskas:
Experimental determination of the chemical changes in the density on indium nuclei by the g-spectrometric DIg/Ig method
Hyperfine Interactions, Vol. 128(4), (2000), pp. 397-408.