Valérie Renaudin

Senior Research Associate
Department of Geomatics Engineering
University of Calgary, Calgary

Fields of interest

  • GNSS in indoor environments
  • High precision carrier phase positioning
  • GNSS permanent network

Recent publications

B. Aminian, V. Renaudin, D. Borio and G. Lachapelle:
Indoor Doppler Measurements and Velocity Characterization Using a Reference-Rover Software Receiver,
ION GNSS 2010.

M.H Afzal, V. Renaudin and G. Lachapelle:
Assessment of Indoor Magnetic Field Anomalies using Multiple Magnetometers,
ION GNSS 2010.

V. Renaudin, M.H. Afzal and G. Lachapelle:

New Method for Magnetometers Based Orientation Estimation,
In Proceedings of the IEEE/ION PLANS 2010 Conference, 4-6 May, India Wells, California.

V. Renaudin:
Hybridation MEMS/UWB pour la navigation pédestre intra-muros,
PhD Thesis, Doctoral program in computer, communication and information sciences, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland (2009).

P.Y. Gilliéron and V. Renaudin:
Robust Pedestrian Navigation for Challenging Applications,
In Proceedings of LCPC Workshop: localisation précise pour les transports terrestres, Paris, 16 June.

V. Renaudin, B. Merminod and M. Kasser:

Optimal Data Fusion for Pedestrian Navigation Based on UWB and MEMS,
In Proceedings of IEEE/ION PLANS 2008, Monterey, California, 5-8 May.

S. Pittet, V. Renaudin, B. Merminod and M. Kasser:

UWB and MEMS Based Indoor Navigation,
Journal of Navigation, 61, 369-384 (2008).

V. Renaudin, O. Yalak, P. Tomé and B. Merminod:

Inertial and RFID sensors for indoor navigation in case of emergency intervention,
In Proceedings of TimeNav 2007, Geneva, 29 May – 1 June.

V. Renaudin, O. Yalak, P. Tomé and B. Merminod:
Indoor Navigation of Emergency Agents,
European Journal of Navigation, 5, 36-45 (2007).