Rachel Giora

Department of Linguistics
Tel Aviv University
E-mail: rachel.giora@gmail.com
Page: http://www.tau.ac.il/~giorar/

Fields of interest:

Psycholinguistics and neurolinguistics of figurative language (irony, jokes, and metaphor, similes), context effects, optimal innovation and aesthetic pleasure, discourse negation, discourse coherence, and the notion of salience in relation to autism, context, literal and metaphoric language, default nonliteral interpretations.

Recent publications:

R. Giora, M. Raphaely, O. Fein, E. Livnat
Resonating with contextually inappropriate interpretations in production: The case of irony.
Cognitive Linguistics. (forthcoming).

R. Giora
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In T. Holtgraves (Ed), Handbook of Language and Social Psychology. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. (In press).

R. Giora
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In T. Holtgraves (Ed), Handbook of Language and Social Psychology. New York, NY: Oxford University Press. (In press).

R. Giora, N. Kotler, N. Shuval, O. Fein, O.
Know Hope: Metaphor, coherence, optimal innovation, and pleasure. (accepted)

R. Giora, S. Attardo,
In S. Attardo (Ed.) Encyclopedia of humor studies. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE. (forthcoming).

R. Giora, E. Livnat, O. Fein, A. Barnea, R. Zeiman, I. Berger,
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Metaphor and Symbol, 28, 89–115. (2013).

S. Givoni, R. Giora, D. Bergerbest
How speakers alert addressees to multiple meanings.
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R. Giora,
Happy New War: The role of salient meanings and salience-based interpretations in processing utterances.
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R. Giora, O. Gazal, I. Goldstein, O. Fein, K. A. Stringaris
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Metaphor and Symbol, 27, 22-54. (2012)

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