Rajesh Katare

Senior Lecturer
Department of Physiology
University of Otago
E-mail: Rajesh.katare@otago.ac.nz
Page: http://phsl.otago.ac.nz/peoplelab.php?lab=4

Fields of interest:

Diabetic cardiovascular diseases; microRNA in cardiovascular diseases; stem cells and angiogenesis

Recent Publications:

G. Mangialardi, R. Katare, M. Meloni, A. Oikawa, C. Reni, C. Emanueli, P. Madeddu.
Diabetes causes bone marrow endothelial barrier dysfunction by activation of the RhoA-ROCK signaling pathway.
Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol. 30(3), 498 (2013).

R. Katare and P. Madeddu.
Pericytes from human veins for treatment of myocardial ischemia.
Trends Cardiovasc Med.  23(3), 66 (2013).

R. Katare, A. Oikawa, D. Cesselli, A.P. Beltrami, E. Avolio, D. Muthukrishnan D, P. Munasinghe, G. Angelini, C. Emanueli, P. Madeddu.
Boosting the pentose phosphate pathway restores cardiac progenitor cell availability in diabetes.
Cardiovascular Research. 97 (1), 55 (2013).

S. Amadesi, C. Reni, R. Katare, M. Meloni, A. Oikawa, A.P. Beltrami, E. Avoliio, D. Cesselli, O. Fortunato, G. Spinetti, R. Ascione, E. Cangiano, M. Valgimigli, C. Emanueli, P. Madeddu.
Role for substance-P based nociceptive signaling in progenitor cell activation and angiogenesis during ischemia in mice and human subjects.
Circulation., 125 (14), 1774 (2012).

R. Katare, F. Riu, K. Mitchell, M. Gubernator, P. Campagnolo, Y. Cui, O. Fortunato, E. Avolio, D. Cesselli, A. P. Beltrami, G. Angelini, C. Emanueli, P. Madeddu.
Transplantation of human pericyte progenitor cells improves the repair of infarcted heart through activation of an angiogenic program involving micro-RNA-132.
Circulation Research. 109 (8), 894 (2011).

R. Katare, A. Caporali, L. Zentilin, E. Avolio, G. Sala-Newby, A. Oikawa, D. Cesselli, A. P. Beltrami, M. Giacca, C. Emanueli, P. Madeddu.
Intravenous gene therapy with PIM-1 via a cardiotropic viral vector halts the progression of diabetic cardiomyopathy through promotion of prosurvival signaling.
Circ Res. 108 (10),  1238 (2011).

G. Spinetti, O. Fortunato, D. Cordella, P. Portaro, N. Kränkel, R. Katare, G. Sala-Newby, C. Richer, M. P. Vincent, F. Alhenc-Gelas, G. Tonolo, S. Cherchi, C. Emanueli, P. Madeddu.
Tissue Kallikrein Is Essential for Invasive Capacity of Circulating Proangiogenic Cells.
Circ Res. 108 (3), 284 (2011).

R. Katare, A. Caporali, C. Emanueli, P. Madeddu.
Benfotiamine improves functional recovery of the infarcted heart via activation of pro-survival G6PD/Akt signaling pathway and modulation of neurohormonal response.
Journal of Molecular and Cellular Cardiology. 49 (4), 625 (2010).

T. Handa, R. Katare, H. Nishimori, S. Wariishi, T. Fukutomi, M. Yamamoto, S. Sasaguri, T. Sato.
New device for intraoperative graft assessment: HyperEye charge-coupled device camera system.
Gen Thorac Cardiovasc Surg. 58 (2), 68 (2010).

R. Katare, M. Ando, Y. Kakinuma, T. Sato.
Engineered heart tissue: a novel tool to study the ischemic changes of the heart in vitro.
PLoS One. 5 (2), e9275 (2010).