Rob Law

School of Hotel and Tourism Management
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Fields of interest: 

Information Technology 


Modeling and Forecasting

Artificial Intelligence

Tourism and Hospitality Management

Software Engineering

Computer Assisted Education


Recent publications:

Journal Articles:

Law, R., Qi, S., and Buhalis, D. (2010):
Progress in tourism management: A review of website evaluation in tourism research.
Tourism Management, 31(3), 297-313.

Law, R. and Huang, T. (2006):
How do travelers find their travel and hotel websites.
Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research. 11(3), 239-246.

Liao, C. and Law, R. (2005):
Analyzing Tourism and Hospitality Students’ Information Technology Knowledge – A Case Study of an Independent College in China.
China Tourism Research. 1(4), 443-464.

Book Chapters:

Chan, A. and Law, R. (2006):
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Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2006. New York: Springer-Verlag, Wien. pp. 60-73.

R.C.H. Law (1997):
Differential Polylines in Multi-Image Transmission, Multimedia Technology and Applications {V.W.S. Chow, Ed},
Singapore: Springer-Verlag, pp. 122-126.

Conference Papers:

Woo, F., Mikusauskas, R., Bartlett, D., and Law, R. (2006):
A Framework for the Effective Adoption of Software Development Methodologies.
Proceedings of ACM SE’06 Conference, March, Melbourne, Florida, USA. pp. 198-203.

Chien, G.C.L., Hsu, C.H.C., and Law, R. (2005):
The Effect of Market Orientation on Hotel Performance. pp. 725-730.
Proceedings of the Third Asia Pacific CHRIE (APacCHRIE) Conference. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, May.

C. Fong and R. Law (2002):
A Study of Hong Kong Travel Agencies’ Perception of Disintermediation,
Proceedings of the 8th Joint International Computer Conference, pp. 691-697.