Dr. Rocco Lupoi

Assistant Professor
Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering
The University of Dublin, Trinity College
E-mail: lupoir@tcd.ie
Page: http://people.tcd.ie/Profile?Username=lupoir



Short bio

Dr. Rocco Lupoi was appointed Assistant Professor within the Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Department, Trinity College Dublin, in July 2012. He is a mechanical engineer by background, and he obtained an MEng degree from Polytechnic University of Turin (Italy) in 2004 over a “vecchio-ordinamento” course of studies. During the same year he was awarded of a grant for a PhD programme in the University of Bath (UK), with thesis title “Effect of shape, size and material on energy dissipation in Equal Channel Angular Extrusion”. In this challenging work, he investigated the concepts and working mechanisms of a novel technology known as UREAD capable of dissipating energy in engineering systems against the occurrence of unwanted events (such as crashes, collisions and others) and with the potential of being 100% re-usable and suitable for a vast variety of applications. After being awarded of a PhD degree in 2008, he was appointed Research Associate in the University of Cambridge (UK) to carry out studies on innovative melting-free metal deposition processes. He is a recognised expert of Cold Spray and metal deposition processes, and he is one of the inventors of a new coating technology known as “SprayLaze” and developed in Cambridge University. He is a major contributor in the field, with high-rank publications, patents submitted and an article in a Nature Publishing Group – NPG journal.