Richard Madgwick

Fields of interest:

Zooarchaeology, Taphonomy, Isotope Analysis, Later Prehistoric Europe, Statistical Analysis in Archaeology, The Archaeology of Feasting

Recent publications:

Madgwick, R. and Mulville, J. 2015.
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Journal of Archaeological Science 53: 255-263.

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Madgwick, R., Sykes, N., Miller, H., Symmons, R., Morris, J. and Lamb, A.2013.
Fallow deer (Dama dama dama) management in Roman South-East Britain.
Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 5: 111-122.

Madgwick, R., Forest, V. and Beglane, F. 2013.
Syndactyly in pigs: A review of previous research and the presentation of eight archaeological specimens.
International Journal of Osteoarchaeology 23: 395–409

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Environmental Archaeology 17: 126-140.

Madgwick, R. andMulville, J.2012.
Investigating variation in the prevalence of weathering in faunal assemblages in the United Kingdom: A multivariate statistical approach.
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