Riccardo Po

Solar Energy Manager
Research Center for non Conventional Energy “Istituto Eni Donegani” Solar Energy Department
Eni SpA
E-mail: Riccardo.po@eni.com

Fields of interest:

Organic electronics: materials for OPV and DSSC; manufacturing of polymer solar cells from the lab to the pilot scale.
Polymer synthesis: thermoplastic polyesters, styrenic polymers (PS, sPS, SAN), polyacrylonitrile, polyols, polyacrylamides, conjugated (semiconducting) polymers; living radical polymerization, metal-coordinated stereospecific polymerization, block copolymerization, Pd-catalyzed polycondensations.
Polymer modification: chain extension; reactions on polymers; reactive processing.
Materials science: polyesters for packaging; textile fibers; flame retardants for styrenics; polymers for enhanced oil recovery; nanostructured photoactive materials.

Recent publications:
M. C. Barr, C. Carbonera, R. Po, V. Bulović, K. K. Gleason,
Cathode buffer layers based on vacuum and solution deposited PEDOT for efficient inverted organic solar cells,
Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, 183301 (2012).

E. Ripaud, D. Demeter, T. Rousseau, E. Boucard-Cetol, A. Allain, R. Po, P. Leriche, J. Roncali,
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Dyes Pigm. 95, 126-133 (2012).

R. Po, C. Carbonera, A. Bernardi, F. Tinti, N. Camaioni,
Polymer- and carbon-based electrodes for polymer solar cells: toward low-cost, continuous fabrication over large area,
Sol. Energy Mater. Sol. Cells 100, 97-114 (2012).

N. Camaioni, F. Tinti, L. Franco, M. Fabris, A. Toffoletti, M. Ruzzi, L. Montanari, L. Bonoldi, A. Pellegrino, A. Calabrese, R. Po,
Effect of residual catalyst on solar cells made of a fluorene-thiophene-benzothiadiazole copolymer as electron-donor: a combined electrical and photophysical study,
Org. Electron. 13, 550-559 (2012).

L. Longo, C. Carbonera, A. Pellegrino, N. Perin, G. Schimperna, A. Tacca, R. Po,
Comparison between theoretical and experimental electronic properties of some popular donor polymers for bulk-heterojunction solar cells,
Sol. Energy Mater. Sol. Cells 97, 139-149 (2012).

A. Calabrese, G. Schimperna, R. Po, T. Yohannes, S.E. Debebe, F. Tinti, N. Camaioni,
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