Rajeev K. Puri

Physics Department, Panjab University, Chandigarh, India.
E-mail: drrkpuri@gmail.com

Field of Interest:

Intermediate Energy Nuclear Physics.
Low Energy Nuclear Physics
Computational and Monte-Carlo Methods.

Recent Publications:

R. Bansal, S. Gautam, R.K. Puri and J Aichelin,
Role of structural effects on the collective transverse flow and the energy of vanishing flow in nuclear collisions
Physical  Review C 87, (2013) 061602R

S. Gautam and R.K. Puri
Sensitivity of transverse flow towards isospin –dependent cross-sections and symmetry energy.
Physical Review C 86 (2012) 034607

S. Goyal and R.K. Puri
Formation of Fragments in central and semi central heavy ion collisions using modified Clusterization method
Physical Review C 83 (2011) 047601

V. Kaur, S. Kumar and R.K. Puri,
On the Elliptical Flow and Asymmetry of the Colliding Nuclei.
Physics Letters B 697 (2011) 512.

Dutt and R.K. Puri
A comparison of Different Proximity Potentials for Asymmetric Colliding Nuclei.
Physical Review C 81 (2010) 064609

Dutt and R.K. Puri
The Role of Surface Energy Coefficients and Nuclear Surface Diffuseness on the Fusion of Heavy Ion Collisions.
Physical Review C 81 (2010) 047601

S.Kumar, S. Kumar and R.K. Puri
Elliptic Flow and Isospin Effects in Heavy Ion Collisions at Intermediate Energies.
Physics Review C 81 (2010) 014611

Yogesh K. Vermani , J. K. Dhawan, Supriya Goyal, R.K. Puri and J. Aichelin
Study of Fragmentation using Clusterization Algorithm with Realistic Binding Energies.
Journal of Physisc G: Nuclear & Particle Physics 37 (2010) 015105

S. Gautum, R. Chugh, A. Sood R.K. Puri, J. Aichelin and Ch. Hartnack
Isospin effects on the Energy of Vanishing of Flow in Heavy Ion Collisions.
Journal of Physisc G: Nuclear & Particle Physics 37 (2010) 085102

Y. Vermani and R.K. Puri
Entropy and Light Cluster Production in Heavy Ion Collisions at Intermediate Energies.
Nuclear Physics A 847 (2010) 243.