Valery Rubakov

Leading Researcher
Institute for Nuclear Research
Russian Academy of Science

Fields of interest:

  • Quantum Field Theory
  • High Energy Physics


Recent publications (selected):

V. Rubakov:
Classical Theory of Gauge Fields
Princeton University Press, 2002

Ch. Hoelbling, C. Rebbi, V. Rubakov
Free Energy of an SU(2) Monopole-Antimonopole Pair

Phys. Rev. D
63, 034506 (2001)

G.F. Bonini, A.G. Cohen, C. Rebbi, V.A. Rubakov
The Semiclassical De-scription of Tunneling in Scattering with Multiple Degrees of Freedom

Phys. Rev.D
60, 076004 (1999)

N.G. Kozimirov, Y.A. Kubyshin, V. Rubakov, I.I. Tkachev

Dynamics of compactification in Einstein-Yang-Mills theories

Quarks '88. Proc. of the International Seminar (Tbilisi, USSR, May 1988). Eds. Tavkhelidze et al., World Scientific, Singapore.
P. 528-552 (1989)