Dr. Seyyed-Abdolhamid Mirhosseini

Assistant Professor
English Language and Literature
Alzahra University, Tehran, Iran
E-mail: mirhosseini@alzahra.ac.ir
Page: http://staff.alzahra.ac.ir/mirhosseini/en

Fields of interest:

Sociopolitics of (English) Language Education, Critical Studies of Discourse in Society, Qualitative Research Methodology

Recent publications:

S. A. Mirhosseini, (Ed.).
Reflections on qualitative research in language and literacy education.
Cham, Switzerland: Springer (to be published 2017).

S. A. Mirhosseini
Scientism as a linchpin of oppressing isms in language education research.
In D. J. Rivers and K. Zotzmann (Eds.), Isms in language education: Oppression, intersectionality and emancipation. Berlin: Mouton De Gruyter (to be published 2017).

S. A. Mirhosseini
An invitation to the less-treaded path of autoethnography in TESOL research.
TESOL Journal. DOI: 10.1002/tesj.305 (in press).

S. A. Mirhosseini, and P. Abazari
“My language is like my mother”: Aspects of language attitudes in a bilingual Farsi-Azerbaijani context in Iran.
Open Linguistics, 2 (2016), 373–385.

S. A. Mirhosseini, and S. Khodakarami
From ‘our own beliefs’ to ‘out of who you are’: Aspects of ‘English language education’ policies in Iran.
Journal of Multicultural Discourses, 11(3/2016), 283–299.

S. A. Mirhosseini, and H. Rouzbeh (Eds.)
Instances of Islamophobia: Demonizing the Muslim ‘other’. Lanham, MD, USA: Lexington Books 2015.

S. A. Mirhosseini
Resisting magic waves: Ideologies of ‘English language teaching’ in Iranian newspaper advertisements.
Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education, 36 (6/2015), 932–947.

S. A. Mirhosseini
Loving but not living the vernacular: A glimpse of Mazandarani-Farsi linguistic culture in northern Iran.
Language Problems and Language Planning, 39 (2/2015), 154–170.

S. A. Mirhosseini, and R. G. Samar (2015).
Ideologies of ‘English language teaching’ in Iranian academic research: Mainstream, alternative, and beyond.
Critical Inquiry in Language Studies, 12 (2/2015), 110–136.

S. A. Mirhosseini, and S. Ghahremani-Ghajar
Decolonizing language education research in Iranian universities.
In: C. Alvares and S. S. Faruqi (Eds.), Decolonising the university: The emerging quest for non-Eurocentric paradigms (pp. 290–308). Malaysia, Pinang: University Sains Malaysia and Citizens International 2012.