Surendra K. Saxena

Professor and Director
Center for the Study of Matter at Extreme Conditions
College of Engineering & Computing, Florida International University,

Fields of interest:

  • thermodynamics, 
  • databases, 
  • Earth's interior,
  • mantle and core

Recent publications:

L. George, V. Drozd, S.K. Saxena: 
Structural Phase Transitions of M(BH4)2 under Pressure,
J. Phys. Chem. C, Vol. 113, (2009), pp. 486-492

S. R. Kulkarni, M. Merlini, N. Pathak, S. K. Saxena, G. Artioli, S. Amini, M. W.
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J. Alloys and Compounds, Vol. 469, (2009), pp. 395-400

F.X. Zhang, J.W. Wang, J. Lian, U. Becker, R.C. Ewing, S. Saxena, J.Z. Hu: 
Pressure-induced splitting and and buckling of CuO chains in low-dimensional compound
Journal of the American Chemical Society, Vol. 129, (2007), pp. 13923

F.X Zhang, B. Manoun, S.Saxena: 
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W. Orellana, G. Gutičrrez, E. Menčndez-Proupin, J. Rogan, G. Garcěa , B. Manoun , S. Saxena: 
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J. Phys. Chem. Solids, Vol. 67, (2006), pp. 2149-2153

A. K. Singh, A. Jain, H. P. Liermann, S. K. Saxena: 
Strength of iron under pressure up to 55 GPa from x-ray diffraction line-width
J. Phys. Chem. Solids, Vol. 67, (2005), pp. 2197-2202

Bouchaib Manoun, Brahim El Bali, Surendra K. Saxena and Revansidha P. Gulve: 
High-pressure studies of SrNi3(P2O7)2 pyrophosphate by Raman spectroscopy,
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A. K. Singh, H. P. Liermann, S. K. Saxena, H. K. Mao and S. Usha Devi: 
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J. Cond. Matter Phys., Vol. 25, (2006), pp.969-978

S. Ghose, M. Krisch, A.R. Oganov, A. Beraud, A. Bossak, R. Gulve, R. Seelaboyina, H. Yang and S.K. Saxena: 
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