Simon Benger

Senior Lecturer
School of the Environment
Flinders University

Fields of interest

Spatial Information Systems, Earth Observation Systems, Geography, Resource Management and Environmental Studies


Recent publications

Arthur T., Bark R., Benger S., Brown A., Chen Y., Colloff M., Crossman N., Cuddy S., de Groot D., Doody T., Ghirmay .H, Hatton McDonald D., Jackson S., Kandulu J., Lester R., Liu S., Morrison M., Nolan M., Pollino C., Rustomji P., Robson B., Sherman B., Sims N.,  Tapsuwan S., Webster I.
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CSIRO Water for a Healthy Country National Research Flagship, 2012,  Australia. 99p.

Zhu S. , Guan H., Clay R., Bennett J., Ewenz C., Benger S., Maghrabi R., Millington A.
Influence of sky temperature distribution on sky view factor and its applications in urban heat island,
Int. J. of Climatology, 2012 accepted

Benger S.N.
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J.A.A (Ed) Water Sustainability: a global perspective, Hodder Education, 2010, London.

Vo P., Pearce M., Benger, S.
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Benger S.N.
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Benger S.N.
Remotely Sensed Determination of Flood Surface Gradients for Hydrological Modelling of Semi-Arid Floodplains,
IEEE International, 2003, Vol 4: 2950 – 2952, doi: 10.1109/IGARSS.2003.1294642