Todd Schlenke

Assistant Professor
Biology Department
Emory University

Fields of interest: 

innate immunity, Drosophila, parasitic wasps, evolutionary genetics


Recent publications:

Kacsoh BZ, Schlenke TA:
High hemocyte load is associated with increased resistance against parasitoids
in Drosophila suzukii, a relative of D. melanogaster.
PLoS One, (2012) in press.

Milan N, Kacsoh BZ, Schlenke TA:
Alcohol consumption as self-medication against blood-borne parasites
in the fruitfly.
Current Biology, 22, (2012): 488-493.

Lefevre T, de Roode JC, Kacsoh BZ, Schlenke TA:
Defence strategies against a parasitoid wasp in
Drosophila: fight or flight?
Biology Letters, 8, (2012): 230-233.

Keebaugh ES, Schlenke TA:
Adaptive evolution of a novel Drosophila lectin induced by parasitic wasp attack.

MBE, 29, (2012): 565-577.

Schlenke TA, Lazzaro BP:
Fruit flies like a (rotten) banana.
Fly 2, (2008): 159-164.

Sackton TB, Lazzaro BP, Schlenke TA, Evans JD, Hultmark D, Clark AG:
Dynamic evolution of the innate
immune system in Drosophila.
Nature Genetics, 39, (2007): 1461-1468.

Schlenke TA, Morales J, Govind S, Clark AG:
Contrasting infection strategies in generalist and specialist
wasp parasitoids of Drosophila melanogaster.
PLoS Pathogens, 3, (2007): 1486-1501.

Schlenke TA, Begun DJ:
Linkage disequilibrium and recent selection in three potential pattern recognition receptor loci in Drosophila simulans.
Genetics, 169, (2005): 2013-2022.

Schlenke TA, McKean KA:
A role for ADH in the Drosophila immune response?

Insect Molecular Biology, 14, (2005): 175-178.

Schlenke TA, Begun DJ:
Strong selective sweep associated with a transposon insertion in Drosophila
PNAS, 101, (2004): 1626-1631.

Schlenke TA, Begun DJ:
Natural selection drives the evolution of the Drosophila immune system.

Genetics, 164, (2003): 1471-1490.