Sebastian Schnettler

Fields of interest: 

social networks

evolutionary behavioral science

biosocial demography

life course sociology

analytical sociology

quantitative methods

Recent publications: 

S. Schnettler (editor):
Small world research (4 volumes). SAGE benchmarks in social research methods.” London: SAGE Publications. (2012 forthcoming)

 S. Schnettler:
S. Schnettler (ed.), Small world research (4 volumes). SAGE benchmarks in social research methods. London: SAGE Publications.(2012 forthcoming).

Schnettler, S. & A. Steinbach:
How do biological and social kinship play out within families in the U.S.?
An evolutionary perspective on perceived parental care and closeness in
Zeitschrift für Familienforschung, 23 (2011), pp. 173-195.

S. Schnettler:
Nature plus nurture equals love? A test of the Trivers-Willard
hypothesis of differential parental investment on the basis of
sociological and biological explanations. Dissertation. Ann Arbor, MI:
UMI, 2010.

S. Schnettler:
A structured overview of 50 years of small-world research.
Social Networks 31 (2009), pp. 165-178.

S. Schnettler:
A small world on feet of clay? A comparison of empirical small-world
studies against best-practice criteria.
Social Networks 31(2009), pp. 179-189.

K.U Mayer, S. Schnettler, & S. Aisenbrey:
The process and impacts of educational expansion. Findings from the German Life History Study.
A. Hadjar & R. Becker (eds.): Expected and unexpected consequences of the educational expansion in Europe and USA – Theoretical approaches and empirical findings in comparative perspective. Prisma (2009), pp. 27-47.

S. Schnettler:
Ohne Kinder alt werden. Die sozialen Unterstützungsbeziehungen von Kinderlosen u. Eltern in Deutschland. [Aging without children. The social support relations of the childless and parents in Germany.] Saarbrücken: VDM, 2008.

S. Schnettler:
Mythos ‘Kleine Welt’? Eine konstruktive Kritik an der Konzeption u. Methodologie der Small World Forschung. [“The ‘small world’ myth? A constructive criticism of the conception and methodology of small-world research.”]
K.-S. Rehberg (ed.): “Die Natur der Gesellschaft. Verhandlungen des 33. Kongresses der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Soziologie in Kassel 2006.” Frankfurt/M.: Campus, 2008, pp. 798-817.