Charlotte Schreiber

Affiliate Professor
Earth and Space Sciences Faculty
University of Washington

Fields of interest:

  • sedimentation,
  • stratigraphy,
  • sedimentary petrology (carbonates and evaporites). 


Recent publications:

V. Manzi, S. Lugli, M. Roveri, B.C. Schreiber: 
A new facies model for the Upper Gypsum (Sicily, Italy): chronological and palaeoenvironmental constraints for the Messinian salinity crisis in the
Sedimentology, (in press).

M. Roveri, S. Lugli, V. Manzi B.C. Schreiber:
Messinian Sicilian stratigraphy revisited: new insights for the Messinian salinity
Terranova, Vol. 20, (2008), pp. 1-6.

D.R. Montgomery, S.M. Som, M.P.A. Jackson, B.C. Schreiber, A.R. Gillespie, J. B.

Continental-scale salt tectonics on Mars and the origin of Valles Marineris and associated outflow
Bulletin Geological Society America, Vol. 120, (2008).

B.C. Schreiber, M. Babel,  S. Lugli,
Problems And Mysteries of Evaporitive Sediments.
In: Evaporites: Special Volume from Session of the 32nd IGC, Florence (Italy),
2004 (Eds):Schreiber, B.C., Lugli, S., and Babel, M., 
Geological Society of London, Special Publication. pp. 1-14.

B.C. Schreiber, S. Lugli, M. Babel:
Evaporites Through Space and Time,
Special Publication, Geological Society of London, Vol. 285, (2007), pp. 470. 

M. Roveri, S. Lugli, V. Manzi, B.C. Schreiber:
Small to large-scale Resedimentation Processes in the Evaporite Deposits of Sicily: New Insights for the Messinian Salinity
I.G.C. (2006)

B.C. Schreiber and M.L. Helman:
Deformation of evaporites and the formation of pseudo-sedimentary features: confusion and
Jour. Sedimentary Research, Vol. 75, (2005), pp. 525-533.

S. Schroder, B.C. Schreiber, J.E. Amthor and A. Matter: 
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Jour. Geology, Vol. 161, (2004), pp. 489-499. 

S. Schroder, B.C. Schreiber, J.E. Amthor and A. Matter: 
A Depositional Model for the Late Neoproterozoic – Early Cambrian Ara Group Evaporites in South
Sedimentology, Vol. 50, (2003), pp. 879-898.

B.C. Schreiber, R.P. Philp, S. Benali, M. L. Helman, P. Landais, et al:
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