Stephen Clark

WestCHEM Professor and Head of School
School of Chemistry
University of Glasgow

Fields of interest: 

Total synthesis of complex bioactive natural product targets

Use of metal carbenoids in organic synthesis

Applications of ring-closing metathesis reactions in synthesis

Asymmetric oxidation and amination reactions

Biomimetic synthesis of alkaloids


Recent publications: 

Clark, J. S.; Berger, R.; Hayes, S. T.; Thomas, L. H.; Morrison, A. J.; Gobbi L:
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Clark, J. S.; Grainger, D. M.; Ehkirch, A. A.-C.; Blake, A. J.; Wilson, C.:
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Org. Lett.Vol. 9, (2007), pp. 1033–1036. 

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A Concise Total Synthesis of (±)-Vigulariol,
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Clark, J. S.; Roche, C.:
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