Roger Scully

Wales Governance Centre
Cardiff University

Fields of interest: 

Politics of Devolution in the UK, Political Representation, European Union Politics


Recent publications:

(with Richard Wyn Jones)
Wales Says Yes: Devolution and the 2011 Welsh Referendum
(University of Wales Press, 2012)

(with David Farrell)
Representing Europe’s Citizens? Electoral Institutions and the Failure of Parliamentary Representation in the European Union
(Oxford University Press, 2007)

Becoming Europeans? Attitudes, Behaviour and Socialization in the European Parliament
(Oxford University Press, 2005)

(with Richard Wyn Jones)
Europe, Regions, and European Regionalism
(Palgrave-Macmillan, 2010)

(with Simon Hix and David Farrell)
‘National or European Parliamentarians? Evidence from a New Survey of Members of the European Parliament’,
Journal of Common Market Studies (2012) 50: xx-xx

‘Democracy in Contemporary Wales’,
Contemporary Wales (2012) 25: 73-81

(with Richard Wyn Jones)
‘One Wales? The Geography of Participation and Voting in the 2011 Welsh Referendum’,
Contemporary Wales (2012) 25: 1-14

(with David Farrell)
‘The European Parliament: One Parliament, Several Modes of Political Representation?’,
Journal of European Public Policy (2010) 17: 36-54

(with Richard Wyn Jones)
‘Devolution and Electoral Politics in Scotland and Wales’,
Publius: The Journal of Federalism (2006) 36: 115-134

(with David Farrell)
‘Electing the European Parliament: How Uniform are ‘Uniform’ Electoral Systems?’,
Journal of Common Market Studies (2005) 43: 969-984

(with Richard Wyn Jones & Dafydd Trystan)
‘Turnout, Participation and Legitimacy in Post-Devolution Wales’,
British Journal of Political Science (2004) 34: 519-37