Nenad Šestan

Associate Professor, MD, PhD
Department of Neurobiology and Kavli Institute for Neuroscience
Yale University School of Medicine


Fields of interest:

How neuronal identities and synaptic circuits form during development, and how they have changed during the evolution of the mammalian brain


Recent publications:

Bilguvar K., Ozturk A. K., Louvi A., Kwan K. Y., Choi M., Tatli B., Yalnizoglu D., Tuysuz B., Caglayan A. O., Gokben S., Kaymakcalan H., Barak T., Bakircioglu M., Yasuno K., Ho W., Sanders S., Zhu Y., Yilmaz S., Dincer A., Johnson M. H., Bronen R. A., Kocer N., Per H., Mane S., Pamir M. N., Yalcinkaya C., Kumandas S., Topcu M., Ozmen M., Sestan N., Lifton R. P., State M. W., Gunel M.:

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